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New movers are ready to join your congregation!

When people join a community, in many ways it is a new beginning for them. They certainly want to get to know like-minded people who will be their neighbors.

Spreading the word is critical to the success of any church or ministry. So is a robust congregation that can afford you the flexibility to really make a difference.

You can welcome them to your congregation by reaching them during their first few days of residence. Make it easy for them and let them know about you … by sending them an announcement.

The small amount of money you invest in your mailing program will reap rewards for your church or ministry for years to come by way of an always increasing congregation.

If you have tried new mover names in the past, you were probably purchasing old names.

Our New Movers Mailing List has been tested, and proven, to be the first to identify a new move. It is compiled weekly by our parent company and has become the industry standard. All of the large data aggregators and national direct mailers license and our list as the backbone of their new mover program. It could take weeks before the list funnels down to many of their customers who are selling it. We get the names first!

We will provide you with the names and addresses of new residents each month, allowing you to reach out to them with a direct mail campaign to welcome them, and let them know about your congregation.

By setting up your program to mail on a regular basis, you will ensure a steady stream of new members.

Don’t wait to start this new move marketing program. Get started with your new move mailing list today!

See how easy it is to launch your new church or ministry outreach program.
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