Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so special about new move names?

Everyone in town has already found a doctor and a dentist, veterinarians and chiropractors, pizza places and restaurants. New movers don’t have these relationships and are actively looking for them.

Do New Movers spend a lot of money?

Yes. They spend more in their first 6 months than the next 2 years. They need everything.

Isn’t it more expensive than the yellow pages?

Typically not! Although thousands of books are printed, how many people actually go to the page where your ad is? With direct mail 100% of the people will see your compelling mailing.

How recently did these people move?

This is the most current new move list in the nation.

Aren’t postcards cheaper?

Yes they are, but in test after test it’s been proven that nothing beats a letter, in an envelope, with a coupon and a great offer.

Why do you recommend I lose money on the first order?

A new pizza customer might spend $1,000.00 with you over the next 3 years. A new patient for a chiropractor is easily worth $2,500.00. A $10.00 pizza may only cost $2.00 — you give one away to gain a new satisfied customer that can be worth $1,000.00 long term.

Can’t I offer a discount or a buy-one-get-one-free?

You can, look at any newspaper or walk around any mall. Everywhere you look you’ll see 20% off, 33% off, 50% off or more. People are used to seeing those offers; they’re simply not very exciting. Your offer should be something for FREE, with no strings attached.

I’ve read I should expect a 2% response, is that right?

That may be standard, but we typically expect a 10% response. Of course if you don’t offer a terrific, free, premium, the response will be reduced dramatically. If your service is used by most people, such as pizza, a sandwich shop, an ice cream store, or a dry cleaner you will get a higher response than if your product only appeals to a smaller segment of the population, such as a bowling alley, or driving range.

Why does the cost vary every month?

Every week a different number of people move. About 50% more people move in August than in January.

"I am locked into a contract with another marketing company (Yellow Pages, local paper and local magazines)".

So what? If you have more business than you can handle that’s great... If not, you need to do something about that NOW, not when your contract expires.

"I don’t think these types of lists work".

That’s why you can cancel at any time. Unlike other media where they lock you in for a long term contract, we have no contracts. You can cancel at any time. Your risk is minimal.

"I don't like contributing to all the paper being mailed out to residents, what if they are eco-friendly and don't appreciate my sending them direct mail?"

Then join to the thousands of other companies who advertise on-line and get no results. Ours is a proven program that delivers new customers every week.

"How does the monthly program work?".

Each month, regardless of what date you initially ordered, we have set a processing date of the 7th.  That allows enough time for us to compile the list  and  ensure that you get the newest names each month in a systematic manner.  They will be delievred to you in the format that you initially indicated, meaning either an xls, CSV file or a PDF file for preprinted labels.