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Contacting New Movers will immediately impact your business and pay huge dividends for years to come!

New movers are ready to buy! And marketing to them has proven to be the most cost effective way to get new customers and build your business.

People and families who move have an immediate need for all kinds of goods and services. If they bought a new house they may need new carpet, window covering, an alarm system or even new landscaping services.

If they are renting, they may need a new living room set, mattress, electronics, house wares or maid service. They all want to know where the best restaurants are, where they can work out or get their cat vaccinated.

New movers spend 8 to 10 times more money for goods and services than established residents. From a psychological standpoint, new movers are ‘beginning again’ and are much more inclined to be open-minded about offers that they may have bypassed just a few weeks before.

Most new movers will stay in their new residence 2 to 8 years before moving again. Once you get them as new customers, your increase in business is ongoing as you have a good chance of keeping them as loyal customers for as long as they remain in your area. It's much easier and less expensive to get people to try a business for the first time, than it is to get them to switch.

That is why you want to implement a marketing program that targets new movers and increases your sales. One of the easiest ways to connect with these people is by mail. Get new leads using our New Move list, the most complete and accurate list on the market. It allows you to reach ALL of the people who are new to your area. And having more names allows you to TARGET just the areas you want!

Since many companies market to new movers it’s critical to be the first one in your field to reach the prospect's new home. The NewMoveMarketing list has been tested, and proven, to be the first to identify a new move. It may seem unimportant to mail a week or two before your competition, but that could be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful campaign.