Over 43 million Americans move every year

You can now be among the first to
contact these new movers

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You will get more new business by marketing to NEW MOVERS in your neighborhood, than you will by using any other marketing or advertising program.

Over 43 million Americans move every year

They need new connections immediately.

They need new professional services, bookkeeping, tax preparation, dentists, veterinarians, opticians, every service you can think of. They need a new barber or beauty salon, a new dry cleaner and a new place to get pizza.

They need to find a new church and all kinds of new services from pool maintenance to gardening. Of course, they need to know about new restaurants, and movies and other entertainment options their new city offers.

New Movers spend more money in the first 6 months after their move than they will spend in the following 2 years. And if they try your service, and are happy with it, they will often become long-term customers.

30 Million different U. S. households change residence every year.

You can now be among the first to contact these new movers

You can purchase the names and addresses of the most recent new movers in your selected zipcodes ... no matter how many or how few you want.

If you only want people who moved into single family homes, you can select them, too and there is no additional charge for these options, all of these selections are free.

“I tried all the usual advertising programs like the yellow pages. Then I tried this new move program. It got me a bunch of remodeling jobs that have kept me going during these lean times. This has been great!”
- Bob, T. Construction

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35% of families plan to move into a new home after having their first child.

Within the first few months:
New movers purchase more products and services in the first 6 months after moving than an established resident spends in 2 years.

Within several weeks of their move, nearly 60% of homeowners and 40% of renters purchase furniture.
New residents establish an average of 71 new business relationships in their first few months.

(source: United States Postal Service: DELIVER - May 2012)

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